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Touchstone Medicare Plans

Touchstone Health was founded in 1998 by a group of physicians who wanted to give seniors high quality and affordable health care.  Touchstone Health hopes to empower its members by providing these services, using unique technology like Facebook and Twitter to connect with its members. The company offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans and serves people throughout New York State, including Bronx, Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Kings, New  York, Onadaga, Orange, and Westchester counties.

Touchstone Health takes a coordinated care approach to provide you with its top-notch health care. You will choose your own primary care physician (PCP) from our network of care. Your PCP will manage your healthcare, directing you to specialists, hospitals, and other providers. If you do not have a PCP, Touchstone Health will help you find one. We know that our members are all different and thus have different needs, so we offer a wide breadth of benefits for our members.  You will need to visit network providers in order to receive coverage, except in case of emergency or unless you enroll in one of our POS plans. Many of our plans have Part D prescription drug coverage as well.

The goal is to give people plans that truly suit their needs. Many Touchstone health plans offer a fitness component, offering tai chi classes, nutrition training, acupuncture, and massage. If you enroll in a Touchstone plan, you will gain free access to the memory-sharpening brain games on our website.  We also sponsor community events, like our Wii Bowling Tournament, to bring together our Medicare Advantage plan members.  Most importantly, Touchstone Health works to communicate with its members in the easiest way possible so that you will not be alone.

In Broome, Chenango, Delaware, and Onondaga counties, we have several HMO and POS plans available.  There are two HMO plans available in these areas, the Power HMO ($0 monthly premium) and the Prestige HMO ($33.30 monthly premium for dual-eligibles). Both include prescription drug coverage; the Power HMO has various copayments for treatment from providers, while the Prestige HMO has $0 copay for most services. Touchstone also offers two POS plans, the Clear POS ($0 premium) and Freedom POS ($42 premium), which allow you to seek out-of-network coverage for 20% coinsurance in most circumstances.  The Power HMO, Prestige HMO, and Freedom POS all offer prescription drug coverage, and expenses will vary on the plan and tier of medication.

We also offer many plans in Bronx, Kings, Richmond, New York, Orange, Queens, and Westchester counties.  There are four HMO plans, including the Power HMO ($0 premium), Total HMO ($33.30 monthly premium), Prestige HMO ($0 premium for dual-eligibles), and Grand HMO ($0 premium for dual eligibles). Copayments for in-network PCP visits are $5 for most of our plans. There are also two POS policies, the Clear POS ($0) and Freedom POS ($42 premium), which let you visit out-of-network providers for 20% coinsurance. All plans except for the Clear POS plan provide prescription drug coverage, which varies in cost depending on the plan and drugs themselves.